this is not girls camp.


One part leadership summit. One part industry networking.  One part advocate assembly.

Uniting our strengths to lead progress, innovation and change.

This is a place for diverse artists, athletes, activists and entrepreneurs to meet, be inspired and cooperate. In a space with enough freedom for minds to flow, enough inspiration for ideas to grow, and enough momentum for knowledge and opportunities to flourish. At a setting so vast and primal, it sparks a deep-seeded motivation. With people so unique, each one has something unforgettable to bring to the table.

It all started in 2016, with 16 incredible leaders convening at a high country hut. We continue this project by honoring the original 16 attendees that had the likeminded vision to come to our little experiment, by multiplying their collaborations with every leadership summit, and every individual impacted after the summit experience.

Gathering diverse leaders to connect and collaborate, while multiplying future opportunities to diversify leadership in the outdoors and beyond.


Thank You To Our 2019 Sponsors


Please reach out to us if you would like more sponsorship information.